Web-Server Management

Web Server management is one of the intricate as well as sensitive area of business. Web Server needs of clients may vary depending on different requisite. Our teams of experts are here to avail you out from this tedious job. We recommend, Manage and maintain your server requisites with 100% confidentiality and security. We are having structured hierarchical monitoring team who are committed to provide 24/7 uptime guaranteed web server solutions for customers. Our technical consultant team is quite capable of providing suggestion for web servers required as per your business requisite like, shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers or Cloud Hosting.

Our Web Server Management activities include, Server Setup & Deployment as well as Server Maintenance. We monitor your web server performance, traffic, security, disk space. We configure your server, application, Database, Email Server configuration, SSL & Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration and will provide enough rules against hacking attempts, bug tracking and performance management.  Our committed team will do regular check up of the web servers and will perform enough precautionary measures against unauthorized access, updating patches, scheduled backup and naturally troubleshooting if any problem occurs.

Ziel Advantage

Our teams of professionals are having more than a decade of experience in Server Management. Experience of our team will give you an optimum solution for your requirements.

Ziel Infosolutions are committed to provide highly secure high-performance servers with 100% availability will assure a placidity of mind situation for in-house IT department.

We provide monthly monitoring logs and enough information about the performance of the server and application, which can provide a detailed picture about the scope of scalability as well as improvement.