Content Delivery Network (CDN)

What is CDN?

When we integrate website with Content Delivery Network, entire contents will be copied to all CDN Servers. So whenever a visitor/visitors access the website, content is delivered to the user from geographically most nearest server instead of website hosting server and speedily loaded.


  • High Traffic sites.
  • Sites with large number of images.
  • Sites with high resolution images.
  • Sites focused on international clients.
  • Sites with large static contents.


Your website loading time plays a crucial role in the search engine rankings. Search engines give more preference to websites which loads faster. Thus if your website loads faster, you will definitely rank higher in the search engines. Generally visitors bounce back from your website if your website takes a lot of time to load which increases the bounce rate of your site. With CDN we can make the site faster loading and ranked top in the search engines.

"A visitor missed is a customer missed. Hence you are losing out on sales and profits due to slower website."


  • Distribute your content around the world so it’s closer to your visitors (speeding up your site). 
  • Works with static and dynamic content.
  • Always Online.
  • Protect against traffic surges.
  • Enable Automatic Ipv6.
  • Rock solid reliability.
  • Optimize web content.
  • Checks Browser integrity & Visitor reputation.
  • IP Address Block list / trust list.
  • Saves bandwidth and server resources.
  • Protect SSH / Telnet / FTP ports.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • Basic DDoS protection.
  • Mobile optimizations.
  • Better SEO results on search engines.
  • Higher position on search engines (google, bing etc...).
  • Faster web page updates to search engines.

Empower business by improving performance of your official website Using ZIEL’s CDN Integration Services

For better reach of your products and services a great web site is an unquestionable requirement. Clients favor fast accessibility of the required information they need. Unwanted delay in getting the information may cause the client to strive for best accessible alternatives. A visitor missed is a customer missed.

We are here to help you to boost your business by optimizing website performance, availability and security. We are specialized in Web Performance & Security Services. Through our service your site can benefit,


  • Maximum Availability
  • Better Security
  • Better handling of traffic
  • Reduced bandwidth usage
  • Increased Conversion Rates & Sales
  • Higher Search Engine Ranking

We can reduce the web site loading time by optimizing the factors such as Minified HTML, Minified CSS & JAVA Script, Optimized Images, Compress Transfer, Mobile Friendliness, and Browser Caching etc... And thereby enhance performance & Security of your website, without any changes on site content or hosting server.